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We make sure that the business is ready to function the day after closing!

As seasoned industry professionals, the principals of Transition Management Group, LLC, (TMG) have seen all too often situations where the buyers and due diligent teams put all their focus, time, effort and energy into getting the acquisition or transaction ready to close. At that stage, most of the major points have been negotiated and successfully resolved.

TMG focuses on making certain that the business is ready to function the day after closing. Oftentimes the most critical items to the daily operations and cash flow have not been adequately addressed on behalf of new ownership. Items such as functioning cash management, local and federal operating authority and complex insurance issues are of paramount importance but get lost in the shuffle of the larger asset questions and pricing negotiations.

The principals of TMG have been dealing with and resolving the issues bus operators face for over 30 years. We know firsthand that the first days of a new entity are the most critical and significant to the new business venture. TMG professionals have been in key operating positions and know the proper questions to ask and how to assist the operators to implement the decisions rather than only offering advice and counsel. With experience in both public and private companies, we bring real world transportation experience to the equation. Strong communication and a detailed understanding of the business challenges unique to the industry alleviate the concern employees have about their futures and their inherent resistance to change.